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By Steven Jiang on August, 27 2019
Steven Jiang

CEO/Co-founder of Hiretual



In our last blog post, we dived into 5 reasons why AI sourcing is emerging to be the choice for recruiters and sources across all industries to transform their recruiting practices for the better. 


Well, 5 advantages just wasn't enough. Here's 5 more advantages of using AI sourcing to fill your candidate pipeline. 


#6: Finds gems from ATS as well as the open web

Because Boolean searches often return a surfeit of results, many recruiters often default to searching their ATS only, where at least they can be sure of finding more local and more qualified candidates than the internet through a Boolean search.

Hiretual’s AI sourcing gives recruiters the best of both: it offers recruiters the ability to import their existing ATS candidates and to do a data refresh on those candidates

— as well as compare those new candidates to qualified candidates it discovers on the open web, including LinkedIn and the major job board resume databases. In this way, it consolidates all talent pools into a single, intelligent pipeline.

With AI, it’s like applying the kind of vetting your ATS candidates have already been through to the open web as a whole.


#7: Responds to recruiter feedback to continually improve

With Hiretual’s AI sourcing, recruiters are able to train the AI on which candidates they prefer before the first block of 50 is even delivered to them. They simply select “Good Fit” or “Not a Fit” on five live candidates that meet their entered search terms, and the tool returns 50 candidates that match that tweaking. AI sourcing learns what each recruiter is looking for over time, based on how the fit selections they make on individual candidates relate to the search terms they enter.

AI sourcing also allows other ways for recruiters to modulate their searches with precision. Using one of Hiretual’s advanced filters, recruiters can expand their searches to encompass target groups such as women, veterans, or people of color. Each group is considered the equivalent of an "OR" statement in Boolean search, so each additional group expands the talent pool rather than shrinks it.

With AI, every action you take makes the system smarter and improves its recommendations.


#8: AI sourcing removes biases

AI also eliminates human biases, conscious or unconscious, that can enter when recruiters conduct searches and drill through loads of resumes that are largely unranked. As a Hiretual customer whose Texas firm specializes in diversity recruiting confirms, "I think the system was much more prone to bias when it was largely people manually searching and looking through LinkedIn. AI will find ALL of the applicable candidate profiles based on the desired search criteria, along with a diversity of data from multiple sources.”

The sheer number of resumes that recruiters must drill through when doing Boolean searches make it much more likely that more errors of omission than inclusion will come up. AI makes it easier to avoid any snap judgments or assumptions about qualifications based solely on candidates’ resumes. A Boolean search, conversely, opens up much more possibility for error to enter into the process and for candidates to be overlooked and not found.


#9: AI sourcing is improving exponentially, Boolean has not improved in years

It’s true that a recruiters’ search results from Boolean will improve if they take the hours and months and years to learn how to surgically extract the best candidates from the open web. But even if they become black belts in Boolean search, they will bump up against a limit: Boolean as a search tool is not getting any better.

AI technology is based on technologies that are improving at an ever-increasing rate. So the gap between AI sourcing and Boolean searching is growing larger by the day:


#10: Validated by giants

Hiretual’s AI sourcing tool is used by over 200 enterprise users, including Amazon, Intel, Northrop Grumman, Hilton, and Andreesen Horowitz. That too speaks volumes, given how thoroughly these companies vet any new tool before they start using it. Recruiters with firms of any size can rest assured they will achieve similar results.

Ultimately, recruiters should not simply take anyone else’s word for it. They need to try AI sourcing out for themselves.

Many recruiters who have made the switch discover that AI sourcing yields results that are far better — not just incrementally better — than Boolean sourcing.


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