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Rene Cheng

Community Intern
Strong Economies Hurt Recruiting, Here’s What Can You Do About It
By Rene Cheng on August 29, 2019

    Unemployment is low in a strong economy, leading to larger pools of candidates who are not only passive but who have also become pickier about the prospect of switching jobs. How can...

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How Recruiters Can Build the Right Plan to Achieve Their Hiring Goals
By Rene Cheng on August 15, 2019

  "You can have all the right tools in the world, but you also need the right processes as well." - Michael Goldberg   This ideal guideline, otherwise known as the “roadmap” to...

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Tips for Creating A Proactive Talent Acquisition Strategy
By Rene Cheng on August 13, 2019

“A proactive talent acquisition strategy that gets ahead of future talent acquisition trends, realities and challenges is becoming even more critical in the tightest labor market of our...

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Power the Future of Recruiting
By Rene Cheng on August 8, 2019

"AI is no longer a futuristic topic - it is becoming the greatest transformation in business history." - Simon Townsend & Josiah White   The impact of AI is unimaginably beneficial to the...

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