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Ninh Tran
Amy Miller
Elif Baydar

Hiretual Webinar Series is back due to popular demand!

In tech companies like Google, requires a lot of engineers to build the system and all the computational algorithms. There is no doubt that engineers are in high demand nowadays! However, do we really have the "perfect" engineers for the specific team? Does their qualifications match the job description? How about their work ethnics? There are a lot to consider when we are recruiting for the best fit candidate for the company. 

Amy and Elif, both senior recruiters at Google joined Ninh to talk about how they use Hiretual Pro to simplify their recruiting process while finding the best engineers for Google.  

This webinar series is made possible with our partnership with the recruiting community.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar


Understand the different strategies in finding the best engineers. 

Basics of a candidate need

Get to know what kind of basic qualities one should have in the recruiting industry! 

Sourcing Importance

Reasons as to why AI souring for recruiters are so important! 

About Speakers

Ninh Tran
Founding Member at Hiretual

Ninh is the Founding Member of Hiretual, a Recruiter’s Best Friend that's built by recruiters for recruiters. Ninh is also a SourceCon, ERE Media, and author, and has spoken on various subjects such as “Sourcing AI and the Future of Recruiting” and “Proactive Talent Pipelining” at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and global recruiting conferences. As Cal alumni, Ninh went on to Google before becoming the recruiting executive at HireTeamMate where he led all the business operations that placed hundreds in a year before helping found Hiretual.

Amy Miller
Senior Tech Recruiter at Google
Amy Miller is a recruiter for Google, specifically Engineering Leadership. Not only so, but she is also a blogger at I'm also a featured blogger and frequent contributor to the greatest online communities for recruiters - & Go check out Amy's posts and webinars for rants, raves, and occasional career advice!
Elif Baydar
Senior Engineering Leadership Recruiter at Google
I am a fearless, agile, energized, and cheerful headhunter. I believe that trusted relationships with clients are key, candidates should be truly listened to, and the hiring process can be not only bearable but fun. I've been playing matchmaker for engineering talent for more than fifteen years, and now look forward to the next chapter of my career in recruiting leadership. Lately, I've been increasingly involved in building growth strategies for emerging businesses, running programs that empower new recruiters, mentoring others, and working more closely with our leadership team to improve our function. You don't have to hate hiring, building a plan to grow your team, or the process of getting hired. It can be fun. 
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