How Recruiting Diamonds in the Rough Improves Work Performance

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Candidates’ situations vary affecting the skills they learn, but all-in-all a candidate with a nontraditional background is someone ready to sacrifice in order to further their career. And like any professional, they are looking for a meaningful role within an organization who supports their continued development and success. So, when given a second thought these are all potential hires, but for different reasons.

Part of the solution for the widening employment gap among disadvantaged minorities and diversity candidates, who are coming up to enter the career marketplace, recruiters must consider adding qualitative characteristics to the hiring process so that some of these people can have a fighting chance to qualify in the applicant pool with their passion, motivation and self-learning ability.

Each candidate is unique and cannot be judged based on their life decisions or college degrees. Join Jeff and Kevin on this free webinar to look beyond the surface and find diamonds for your organization!

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Recruiters and hiring managers need to shift their thinking to the benefits and advantages people with different backgrounds could bring to their functions and organizations.


the new worker

With Robots taking over most of the manufacturing and engineering work, organizations would be wise to create positions for nontraditional graduates. They can bring everything an organization could want except for skills and that could be taught relatively quickly.



Transformation of the workplace from a world where the glory was in hardware - making, building, and inventing machines and tools - to one of design, software, and service.

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Ninh is the Founding Member of Hiretual, a Recruiter’s Best Friend that's built by recruiters for recruiters. Ninh is also a SourceCon, ERE Media, and author, and has spoken on various subjects such as “Sourcing AI and the Future of Recruiting” and “Proactive Talent Pipelining” at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and global recruiting conferences. As Cal alumni, Ninh went on to Google before becoming the recruiting executive at HireTeamMate where he led all the business operations that placed hundreds in a year before helping found Hiretual.
Jeff Saperstein-2
Career Transition Coach, Jeff Saperstein Associates
Jeff is a Certified Career Transition Coach and a San Francisco State University instructor. He can be reached at

I'm helping professionals recognize and leverage their individual opportunities in the workplace. My mission is to help others be successful by aligning their own values with their work, up-skilling their proficiencies to improve their market value and career options, and encouraging them to take calculated risks for their own happiness.

Jeff has worked as a Corporate Executive, Marketing Consultant, University Instructor, Speaker, and Author of nine books and five business case studies related to how technology opens opportunities in the future of careers and organizations.
Kevin Wheeler-3
Founding Member
Kevin Wheeler is a futurist, public speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as an author. He is a noted speaker and writer on the future of human resources, recruitment, and learning.

Kevin is the Founder and Chairman of the Future of Talent Institute, President of Global Learning Resources, Inc. and Co-Director of the Australasian Talent Conference. His articles appear in, ATC media, and in numerous publications in China, Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

He has served as adjunct faculty at San Jose State University, the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University.

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