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Recording: How to Recruit with a Small Team and a Lean Budget

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60 Minutes
Ninh Tran
Tanya Bourque

Hiretual Webinars are back due to popular demand!

Resources aren't always unlimited. Especially for smaller teams, frugal companies, or individual contributors who want to do better and more in less time. This webinar will cover how to eliminate costs while maintaining a great candidate experience. OpExpert Founder, Tanya Bourque, will explore how the right tools and technology can enable your talent acquisition process.

This webinar series is made possible with our partnership with the recruiting community.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Work Smart

How to recruit smarter, not harder an how to calculate cost per hire.

Tools & Systems

The tools and technology that will make the hiring process more efficient.

Talent Attraction

Behavioral interviewing techniques to attract top talent.

About Speakers

Ninh Tran
Founding Member at Hiretual

Ninh is the Founding Member of Hiretual, a Recruiter’s Best Friend that's built by recruiters for recruiters. Ninh is also a SourceCon, ERE Media, and author, and has spoken on various subjects such as “Sourcing AI and the Future of Recruiting” and “Proactive Talent Pipelining” at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and global recruiting conferences. As Cal alumni, Ninh went on to Google before becoming the recruiting executive at HireTeamMate where he led all the business operations that placed hundreds in a year before helping found Hiretual.

Tanya Bourque
Founder and Managing Director at OpExpert

In the recruiting world, Tanya Bourque is a rarity. Before launching OpExpert in 2016, she spent nearly a decade working in corporate America where she recruited over 2,000 people for a myriad of business categories. She understands the ceaseless challenges and changing hiring landscape facing HR professionals these days because she been there. She knows what it’s like to have to fill over 100 positions simultaneously because she’s done that. Tanya has been featured in ERE, SourceCon, Recruiting Daily,, and TLNT.

"Tanya never started with a perfect answer, but always made it a point to solve whatever challenge thrown at her in the simplest way possible.” - Mom

She advises and trains leaders nationwide on how to effectively hire awesome teams starting from the top down. She has a knack for understanding candidates and the culture of a company to deliver successful hires.

Tanya prides herself on always taking action, efficiency, details, details, details combined with empathy, strategy, imagination and getting stuff done. Tanya is an execution pro and ensures businesses are operationally effective. Her passion for startups developed from the thrill she gets from watching companies grow and develop. She is also a technology enthusiast and programs on the side.

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