ATC Product Innovation Award 2018 Goes to Hiretual | Hiretual

By Toby Awalt on July, 3 2018
Toby Awalt

Product Marketing Manager at Hiretual

An Award For Recruiters, By Recruiters

Back in June, our team was invited to Australia to help with the 12th annual Australasian Talent Conference (ATC). The ATC explores and showcases recruiting trends, tools, and technology from all over the world. The community is home to some of the most innovative organizations and recruiters that seek  to propel Australasia’s Talent industry.

This year's conference focused on Artificial Intelligence and how it can be applied to talent acquisition. Since this topic is a sweet spot for the Hiretual team, we were asked to teach a "master class" on using AI to source candidates.

While at the conference, we were honored with the opportunity to enter the ATC's startup competition centered on product innovation. What really struck us about this contest was its structure: it was decided by the attending recruiters rather than a typical judge panel. It asked 500 talent leaders to spend a virtual $10k budget to spend on the startups presenting - giving the decision to the ultimate end-users of any innovative TA technology.

Each startup was given 20 seconds to describe their product to the crowd. From there, each audience member could choose up to 3 companies to hear out in 8 minute segments. Lucky for us, passive sourcing is always an issue of interest, so we were able to draw a strong crowd during each segment.

Despite the jet-lag from jumping to a new continent, our amazing team on the ground took home the gold (or in this case, engraved glass with an adorable unicorn on it).

Hiretual ATC Product Innovation Award

Top marks for our now "award-winning" master class team, Andy Riabokin and Liz Jones.


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