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By Shaunya Bhayani on July, 20 2018
Shaunya Bhayani

Content Strategist

Source and manage your candidates seamlessly with Hiretual and JobAdder


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What are two of the most important aspects of recruiting? The quality of your hire and how fast you place your candidate. That’s why it was a no brainer for us to partner with JobAdder, a leading ATS in Australia and around the world to empower you to deliver better candidates faster.

Source strong candidates 10x faster and simplify your recruitment process with Hiretual and JobAdder's flawless integration. 

This hybrid ATS and sourcing solution is sure to be a game-changer for your sourcing strategy by allowing you to quickly sync candidates sourced from Hiretual’s AI into your JobAdder ATS. To export your candidates into JobAdder, follow these easy steps and voila! 

Get Started

In Hiretual’s portal, navigate to the ‘candidates’ tab or a specific project you’re working on.

  1. Use the filter or hiring stage to refine your search query.
  2. Select the candidates you wish to add to JobAdder.
  3. Then click ‘Sync with ATS.’
  4. Select the desired job to move the candidate to.
  5. Click send and your candidates will be added to JobAdder! 

You can check out the video above for an interactive walk-through of the integration. 

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